Iron Gym Review: Why it’s a must have

Iron Gym Review

Where to Buy: the link
Prime: Yes
Purpose: Body Weight Exercises
Pros: Pull-up bar that offer other exercises
Cons: You have to assemble it yourself
Customer Ratings: 4/5 Stars

Iron Gym: Pull-Ups

The Iron Gym is one of the most underrated products you can buy. For $20 you can do multiple exercises, not only pull-ups. Body weight exercises are very important if you want to shed body fat and build up strength. Of course weight lifting is good as well, but being able to pull your own body will magnify your strength. What separates the iron gym from regular pull-up bars is that fact that is has three different types of variations. Some are much more difficult than the others.

The first one is the neutral grip. It’s the grip that will be sticking out. It’s one of the easier grips as it’s close together. This grip is ideal for beginners and is a great way to work on your biceps and back. Start here.

The next one is the narrow grip. This variation uses mostly your biceps and is great for anyone who already has been working out. This is also an easier variation for those just starting.

The last one is the wide grip and it’s the hardest variation. Your arms are so far apart that it’s going to take a lot to lift your entire body up from that angle. I’ll say that it took me years to get to the point where I could do 10 in a row, but once you can you’ll feel accomplished. The pull-ups will take time to be good at, but you will improve with practice.

Iron Gym: Other exercises

With the Iron Gym you can do other exercises as well. You can place the gym on the floor and do push-ups. This is great for those who have wrist issues as it’s much easier on the wrists. This is a nice chest exercise that will make you strong because you will be incorporating your body weight. You can also flip it on the other side and do dips. That’s a great exercise that will workout your triceps. Or you can place it at the foot of the door and use it or sit-ups.

So with the Iron Gym you can work out your biceps, back, abs, triceps and chest. For $20 you can essentially work out your entire upper body. Now tell me that is not a good deal!

Personally I think this is a good deal (mainly because I bought it for more money at the time). Now once you receive it and assemble it, it’s important to be patient. Very Important. When I started I couldn’t even do one. After a lot of failure and aggravation, but more importantly persistence, I was able to increase my count as time went on.

The Iron Gym is good for people who are just starting out and might feel a little embarrassed in going to the gym. Try it out and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

*Disclaimer: This particular product is Amazon’s product not mine. Clicking the link you will be directed to where you can purchase and I receive commission based on that. I do have my own Iron Gym and have used it*

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